VET outcomes: what are we really talking about

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the need for outcomes in the VET sector, problematicaly there seems to be no consistency around what people mean be outcomes. For some people the outcome that is important is completion rates, for others it is employment rates or meeting skill shortages, or workforce development and retention. People are no longer talking about the same things when they talk about outcomes, and this is a very serious problem for the sector. Unless all of the parties involved can agree on what we mean by outcomes, we can’t hope to all be aiming for the same thing.

To me outcomes ate fairly simple, but to understand why it is that simple you need to understand what VET training means. VET is all about skills for industry, it is about providing business with the ability to up skill its existing workers and to train new workers. For my mind that is the purpose of VET training, employability, creating an environment where all Australians are able to up skill themselves to be part of the workforce of the future.

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