Sometimes it is the Feedback that makes it all worthwhile

Today I just wanted to share with everyone some feedback that I got recently from a staff member that has just completed their Diploma of Management.  Getting something like this, completely unsolicited, reinforces in me why what we do is so important, not just to the organisation but to the individuals with in it.

I would just like to tell you how appreciative I am that I had the opportunity to gain my diploma of management.  Not only was our trainer fantastic, but the content has already helped me improve my practise, not only with the way I converse with staff but also clients .  I only wish that more staff, particularly managers put their hand up to do this training as it really reminds us all of so many basic concepts that we can tend to forget about once in a position.

I think this course also really upheld each the organisations shared values, reminding us to:

  • have compassion towards others as they are different to ourselves and therefore may have different personalities and learning styles.
  • show respect  to our colleagues and how to do this through having those open and honest conversations, and being compassionate
  • to ensure justice is upheld in our centres by enforcing our policies and procedures especially in relation with harm and justice
  • to work together even if you are a manager, it takes a team to get things done and each of us have a place within that team, but this doesn’t mean we can’t step up and help with jobs that may be considered “not our job”
  • and of course leading through learning – this is self-explanatory but the course really emphasised how by withholding information from staff it can be detrimental to the organisation so by having a sharing supportive environment  that fosters sharing knowledge not withholding it (this is especially important for staff members that may feel by withholding information their positions are more stable, we were given tools to ensure that these staff members did not feel the need to withhold that information as they feel valued in their positions

I think it is a credit to this organisation that it values its staff as much as it does to enable us to do these training courses that in turn will only better the organisations staff.

About pauldrasmussen
Paul Rasmussen is one of Australia’s most widely read Vocational Education and Training Commentators. He provides deep, unbiased analysis and insights not only on topical issues, but also on the underlying structure and policy which supports the industry. His writing and analysis has been praised for its uncompromising and thought provoking style and its ability to focus on the issues of real importance to the sector. He has advised various government departments and ministers, training providers, public and private organisations, not for profits and small to medium enterprises on the VET sector and the issues and opportunities facing it. He is one of Australia’s most awarded learning professionals and a regular speaker at a range of conventions and forums. His extensive experience in vocational education, and learning and development coupled with formal qualifications in philosophy, ethics, business and education management allow Paul to provide a unique view of the road ahead and how to navigate it.

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