The ROI of Learning

Thinking About Learning

Don’t make me laugh.

The COUNTLESS conversations I have had about the ROI of learning. *bangs head against wall*

“The C-suite need to know.”

“If we can’t measure it, how will we know it was a success?”

“Yes, the idea has merit, but does that equate to bums on seats?”

And yet it keeps coming up.

I keep having it, and you know what? I’ve had enough. Enough of trying to articulate the ROI or the ROE of learning.

What was the ROI of your life when it was the last moments and you were on your deathbed? Asked no-one. Ever.

It takes money and investment to learn and develop. Yes, yes it does sadly. Mostly because education demands that people are taught the right skills and given the right tools so they discover things for themselves. So education becomes a commodity just like everything else on the stock exchange.

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About pauldrasmussen
Paul Rasmussen is one of Australia’s most widely read Vocational Education and Training Commentators. He provides deep, unbiased analysis and insights not only on topical issues, but also on the underlying structure and policy which supports the industry. His writing and analysis has been praised for its uncompromising and thought provoking style and its ability to focus on the issues of real importance to the sector. He has advised various government departments and ministers, training providers, public and private organisations, not for profits and small to medium enterprises on the VET sector and the issues and opportunities facing it. He is one of Australia’s most awarded learning professionals and a regular speaker at a range of conventions and forums. His extensive experience in vocational education, and learning and development coupled with formal qualifications in philosophy, ethics, business and education management allow Paul to provide a unique view of the road ahead and how to navigate it.

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