Queensland Ministerial Industry Commission Roundtable

So I am spending the day today at the Queensland Government Ministerial Industry Commission roundtable to discuss the draft of the Annual Skills Priority Report for 2013-14 for Queensland developed by Deloitte Access Economics.

It should be an interesting day and I will be updating this post as we go through the day with any interesting facts and discussion points as we go through the day.

Currently listening to Michael Roche the Deputy Chair of the Commission speak.

There is need to better link the industry and the outcomes of VET training to better target the public training dollar.

There needs to be a much higher level of flexibility in the delivery of government funded training in order to allow industry to be able to take advantage of innovation and changes in the economy.


Now it is time to hear from the people at Deloitte about their draft report.

Key Factors driving skill need in QLD

Demographic Change
Change of Consumer spending to be ore focussed on services
Productivity through technology and digital disruption
The Changing face of the mining boom
Development within interest rate sensitive sectors
lower Australian dollar

Demographic changes would be expected to show up in and increased demand for health and aged care services.

Housing construction should grow over the next three years while at the same time seeing a slow down in engineering construction.

This should see a 2.5% per year employment growth over the next 3 years.

It is expected that the big growth areas will be Managers, Professionals and Community and Personal Service Workers with growth in these areas expected to be will above the expected state employment growth averages.

There is an expected significant decrease in growth in the Cert i/ii qualification areas which I don’t think is a surprise to anyone. There is however strong growth in the cert iii/iv areas and solid growth expected in the Diploma/Adv Diploma level. There will be an overall increase in the number of VET qualifications held by Queenslanders from about 1.4 million to about 1.8 million.

key points of the report

Electrical trades are growing as there is need for these skills over a range of industry sectors
Generic business skills that are not necessarily business specific Ability to access skill sets to meet needs rather than full qualification.
A key challenge is for RTO and policy makers to be able to stay abreast of changes within various industry in order to be able to meet the industry needs
There is a narrowing of the number of RTO’s within forestry and agriculture
Technological advances are changing rapidly how training needs to be delivered
Low level of faith in a range of qualifications within the Health and Community services area
The skill needs within the Health and community Services sector is moving towards skills sets rather than full qualificiations


About pauldrasmussen
Paul is the winner of the 2013 Leadership in VET Quality Award and the 2013 LearnX Learning Manager of the year award. A Thought Leader and Speaker on Organisational Learning, Professional Development, Motivation, Leadership, Management and Professional Ethics, he speaks widely and has published work on the areas of Learning and Development, Learning ROI, Business, Management, Leadership and Ethics. With Qualifications in Ethics and Bioethics, Organisational Learning and Development, Training, and Business Management and Leadership, Paul has worked in and with a wide range of public, private, government and not for profit organisations. He is currently the National Training Manager for Spectrum Training and the principal consultant with Rasmussen Learning. Specialties: • Organisational Learning and Development • Ethics (Business, Professional and Theoretical) • Learning Management and ROI • Professional Speaking • RTO Management • E-Learning • Management • Leadership • Learning Management Systems

One Response to Queensland Ministerial Industry Commission Roundtable

  1. Kerry Whitaker says:

    Looking forward to your views and comments – should be an interesting day

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