The future of L&D and The VET sector in Australia

Over the past few months I have been seeing an increasing number of concerning trends in L&D in Australia particularly in the VET sector, but in reality across the board.

One of these seems to be a move away from having specialist L&D people looking after training within organisations and a move towards having generalist HR folk, or senior management either in charge of or responsible for the training needs of either the organisation or their department or unit.

Now on the surface this may not seem like a bad idea, surely managers know what their staff need, or a good HR person can figure it out and get it delivered, however particularly in Australia with our quite complex VET system there is without a doubt, at least in my mind, at least some degree of specialist knowledge which is required in order to successfully navigate training within Australia, which goes beyond, ‘that program seems good and is a good price’.

The accredited training environment in this country is complex, and navigating that complexity is something that a lot of organisations do not seem to do very well. They fall into the ‘we can give you free training’ line pandered by a lot of RTO’s, without real thought for the outcome for their staff and the organisation. Sure it may not cost them anything directly, but it doesn’t give them the targeted outcomes they may have got if they had examined the process and the offerings more closely, or if they had understood how the sector works and what ‘free training’ generally means.

Even if we step outside the VET sector and look at training in general, there is so much choice in terms of offerings and price, and who is delivering the material to sometimes make it difficult even for a seasoned professional to make a well informed decision about the best direction to take.

Maybe it’s just me, or maybe the good people in L&D have made it look easy and organisations creating a situation where organisations are not valuing the input and outcomes produced by their L&D folk as much as they once were.

Moving on and other changes and challenges

So as some of you may have noticed I have not posted much this month. The main reason for this is as of the end of February I ceased my role at UCC. There are always many reasons for decisions like these, but it has given me back sometime to get a range of things done that had been sitting in the wings, like finishing the renovations of our bathroom in the new house. Which is something that I now intend to either never do again or if we do decide to change it someone else is doing all the work.

So I am currently taking to people about some interesting and challenging roles, primarily in the VET/RTO sector, and when something is settled I will pass on my new role to all and sundry.

I intend to get back to regular posting and commentary next week, so look out.

Also if any happens to hear of any roles they think might interest me feel free to let me know through one of the many channels of communication.

I look forward to engaging with everyone again.

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