The State of VET survey

Hi all I am working on creating a report similar to that which is created by ASTD (now ATD) for the general L&D community but tailored directly to the Australian VET community about current feelings and faith in the VET Sector in Australia.  It would be really awesome if those of you who were interested in where we are now as an industry would click on the link below and answer as many of the questions as you can or you wish to.

One of the reasons I am doing this is that over the years many of us have found the kinds of information which is provided by places like NCVER don’t really capture the amount or type of information which those of us with in the industry actually would like to see.  So hopefully with all your help this will.  Also if you have any other questions you would like me to think about adding into the mix for next time let me know.

I will leave the survey open for a couple of weeks, or until people stop visiting it and then I will  pull all of the data together and share it with everyone.  Please note all of your responses are completely anonymous.


The State of VET in Australia Survey




About pauldrasmussen
Paul is the winner of the 2013 Leadership in VET Quality Award and the 2013 LearnX Learning Manager of the year award. A Thought Leader and Speaker on Organisational Learning, Professional Development, Motivation, Leadership, Management and Professional Ethics, he speaks widely and has published work on the areas of Learning and Development, Learning ROI, Business, Management, Leadership and Ethics. With Qualifications in Ethics and Bioethics, Organisational Learning and Development, Training, and Business Management and Leadership, Paul has worked in and with a wide range of public, private, government and not for profit organisations. He is currently the National Training Manager for Spectrum Training and the principal consultant with Rasmussen Learning. Specialties: • Organisational Learning and Development • Ethics (Business, Professional and Theoretical) • Learning Management and ROI • Professional Speaking • RTO Management • E-Learning • Management • Leadership • Learning Management Systems

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