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Paul is a thought Leader and Speaker on Organisational Learning, Professional Development, Motivation, Leadership, Management and Professional Ethics. Paul speaks widely and has published work on the areas of Talent Retention and Management, Learning and Development, Learning ROI, Business, Management, Leadership and Ethics and has qualifications in Ethics and Bioethics, Organisational Learning and Development, Training, and Business, Management and Leadership.
Paul is currently the National Training Manager for Spectrum Training and the principal of Rasmussen Learning Solutions.  He was the Chief Learning Officer for UnitingCare Community, the Executive Officer of UnitingCare’s RTO, a member of the board of the Enterprise RTO Association and a member of the QLD branch of the Australian institute of training and development state council.  In 2013 he led UnitingCare Community to be named as one of Chief Learning Officer Magazines Learning Elite 2013.  He was named as the LearnX – Learning Manager of the year for 2013 and was recently named the winner of the 2013 National Training Awards – Leadership in VET Quality Award.


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