AITD Annual Conference 2013

Well as a lot of you already know I will be down in Melbourne this week for the AITD National Conference

and I have to say it is looking like it will be a fantastic event.

The first thing I am excited about is attending the workshop tomorrow being facilitated by Robert Brinkerhoff the author of one of my favourite book on organisational Learning ‘High Impact Learning’  and the famous ‘Success Case Method’ for the evaluation of training, and that is just the first day.

So then the conference starts in earnest on Wednesday and apart from catching up with everyone, including some of you I haven’t seen since last years conference (way to long) there are a plethora of fantastic presentations on across the two days including:

The wonderful and ever insightful Natalie Goldman from Peoplebank talking about Embedding a learning culture into your organisation.

Then in the exhibition area there are the lovely folk from Mindworks, Axcelerate, and Team Management Systems.

So the plan is for me to update the blog during the day and let people know what is going on who is talking and about what and if you are lucky you might even get some pics and posts from the Gala dinner on Wednesday night, but I can’t promise anything.

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